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Eyesight and speed reading

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Dynamic vision training and speed reading training is the application that can be easily.A little bit different high-quality training game is free of dynamic visual acuity app I have enjoyed. ◇◇ Thanks I was ranked in the highest eighth place in the popular New app rankings! ◇◇
Although it is dynamic vision that becomes the important even when the everyday life and sports,Actually, Toka it also leads to a "visual recovery".
If you would put a burden on the eyes, such as smartphone and personal computers, it will become to take a burden to the eye muscles.When this is repeated, it will become a cause of lower vision eye muscles will waning.
To make up the vision, it is not only re-training the weak eye muscles again.
So, I's perfect for that train the muscles of the eye is "dynamic vision training".Dynamic visual acuity training also since the training to encourage the movement of the eye with the workings of the brain is activated (brain training), and trained the eye muscles by using a different eye muscles and in the everyday life , naturally it will lead to "recovery of sight".
The name, we thought of as a "dynamic vision training" But just "visual recovery training"!
In addition, improvement of dynamic visual acuity so also leads to an improvement of the field of view, it can become even speed reading training.
[It is recommended those who like to]-Vision have been falling If you want to restore sight· Easy to those who want to train a dynamic visual acuity and speed-reading- Who do not have confidence in the fast reading· Dynamic vision who want quickly doing the training and speed reading trainingIf you want to, brain training games
So, dynamic visual acuity up speed reading up, with the aim of visual recovery, Let the training!